Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:42 am
by noose4
Received from my Marine Corps League detachment:

My God Son is in Afghanistan with the US Marines.

I am told they are seeing heavy fighting every day (I can’t say what location for their OpSec)! They need not only physical stuff like the list below… but support in the way of letters, pictures and motivation to make sure they remember what they are fighting for! Please consider posting this info out or letting anyone you can know about this.

Degree Deodorant (usually comes in 2 pack)
Sunflower seeds (need salt to retain water)
White socks (for boots not shoes haha)
...Bags of candy (for the children)
Crayons/Crayola Markers (also for kids)
Q-tips, pocket size hand sanitizer, baby wipes, beef jerkey, chapstick.

...and anything else you could or would want to send!
Any items sent labeled to MY Marine will be distributed between him and his platoon mates! This is not just for one Marine! We are brothers and in war there is nothing more important to them (except the people back home) than their brothers AND their country! They are an all volunteer force over there protecting our way of life!
If you know of any groups or famous people who can help it would be appreciated!
V 2/9 Fox Co, 1st Plt
Unit 74125
FPO, AE 09510-4125


JD Sparks

USMC Veteran

Pewee Valley, KY