Mitch Mc Connell and a general loss of political discourse

Mitch Mc Connell and a general loss of political discourse

Postby akuma » Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:16 am

so i am driving in Jersey along the turnpike and i had to re set up my XM - ( long story )

anyways there was a discussion on a poitical talk station on XM which even though it was from a "right" point of view it was actaully a DICUSSSION - and i thought how refreshing

and how sad

i am a lib - or left or progressive what ever the common name is for someone like me - i usually listen to brian leher or lenonard lopate ( that guys voice is like the therapist i always wanted if i ever needed a therapist - which i dont ) so its some with some irony that in the afternoon i sometimes switch on and listen to the "cats being drowned in a bag" hannity/levin show - actually i more just pop in and out of those- i listen till i cant take th bullshit anymore then i bounce

but its was really nice to hear this Mitch McConnel show which was on XM "patriot" - ( isnt that annoying that how some cons HAVE TO "wear" how patriotic they are on their "sleeve"? ) which was an actual discussion it seemed- ( they were talking about Obamas positons on Gun rights) and some guy got on went into "obama will take all our guns mode/ the NRA is great in everything " and this guy McConnell shut him down -

it was just really NICE and i thought how sad it is that such a thought ( about how nice a discussion was taking place not a polemnic) should the be exception and not the rule

anyways if this was a fluke then someone will let me know - but for now as far a con talk i would listen to this McConnell guy over Hannity/Levin/Church/O'Reilly any day
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