"Wrapped in the Flag" by Claire Conner

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"Wrapped in the Flag" by Claire Conner

Postby belldoll » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:03 pm

I heard an excerpt from this book on Mike Malloy's show last month and had to buy it.

The story is about a woman, Claire Conner, who grew up with parents heavily involved in the John Birch Society during it's inception. She tells of the Birchers involvement in the radical right movement of the 1950's and how the JBS morphed into todays Tea Party.

The Birchers were convinced that at any moment America would fall into the hands of the Communists. They loved Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, and Ronald Reagan before he became president. They wanted small government, free enterprise, and religious freedom. They hated immigrants, unions, FDR (and all of the New Deal), Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton (in fact they were the catalyst in the impeachment), and integration.

I bought the book as a Kindle download from Amazon and basically couldn't put it down. I highly recommend the book to those who are interested in how the radical right of today got started.
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