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The Continued Shame of Politico

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Continuing to be a stain on American life, Politico gives us it’s list of people that will be “missed” in 2009. Putting aside the celebrity magazine-ish feel of the very concept, the list gives you a real look into how political journalis has very much become a corrollary to celebrity gossip journalism, and why coverage of the Bush administration is so bad.

For starters, we’re apparently going to “miss” 2 felons (1 already convicted, another soon to be) as both Ted Stevens and William Jefferson check in on the list. Why are we going to miss them? Apparently they’re entertaining. And we won’t get anymore “coot-offs” between Stevens and Robert Byrd. Seriously. Also Joe Biden is on the list, even though he’s moving to a much more visible position, because apparently Politico worries he’ll be less verbose as Vice-President than he was as a Senator. I’m heartbroken.

But far and away the most ridiculous item on the list, and quite possibly the most ridiculous thing Politico has ever written, is the idea the Dick “Fuck Off” Cheney is going to be missed:

How many politicians, in either party, would respond to a tough question about public disapproval of foreign policy by asking, “So what?”?

And how many would tell a senior senator to “go f***” himself,” as Cheney notoriously did to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) in 2004? Proving his old-school ways, just last weekend the vice president said Leahy “merited it at the time.” Now that’s what we call straight talk.

For better or worse, Cheney has personified the cold-blooded, do-whatever-it-takes side of the Bush administration. Loathed by liberals and largely hidden from public view, the secretive Cheney’s influence over the policies of the past eight years may never be fully understood.

He may not miss the political arena, but it will miss him, since it will likely be a long time before we have another vice president so seemingly insouciant about his public image.

So let me get this straight, the political arena is going to miss Dick Cheney because he’s a politician in a¬†democratic system¬†that doesn’t give a damn what the public thinks about policy? And that’s a good thing?

To quote Brad Delong, why can’t we have a better press corp?