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Going After Blair

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

by Brien Jackson

After Chas Freeman bowed out of the NIC, I wondered how his opponents would fare with his superior, DNI Adm. Dennis Blair, who likely wasn’t too fond of the people who had forced out his guy. Well, it now appears they’ll be going after him as well. John Cole has the goods.

It’s important to recognize that this all boils down to Iran, and who “controls” the intelligence reports the government puts out. What the Commentary crowd is afraid of in Blair is a Director of National Intelligence that doesn’t have a hard on for a war with Iran, and as such will view the information on their nuclear programs with a higher degree of skepticism, as opposed to being more willing to accept the “worst case scenario” as representative of reality. You could argue as well that given their history of politicizing intelligence reports, they’re worried Blair would do the same thing (although what Blair’s agenda is supposed to be I don’t know). But, in any event, a more skeptical set of eyes digesting information is likely to produce more measured, realistic, pictures of the Iranian situation, which would be bad for those people, both in the United States and in Israel, endlessly agitating for a military strike on Iran.