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Colts Lose

Monday, January 5th, 2009

There’s something very ridiculous about the way the Colts continue to fold in the playoffs, Superbowl XLI notwithstanding, and this year is no exception. San Diego shouldn’t have even been in that game in the 4th quarter, let alone being allowed to make every single play they needed to make and then some.

So in that vein, I’m very glad to hear that Tony Dungy is leaning towards retirement, and that the team has no interest in bringing Marvin Harrison back next season. I’ve got nothing against either personally, but it’s really time to move on from both. Harrison is old, has never showed up in the playoffs, and just frankly isn’t needed on a team that as Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzales, and Dallas Clark to throw the ball to. The money going to Harrison needs to be spread out across the rest of the roster.

And that’s where I have a problem with Dungy; his defense is ridiculous. Quick, other than Bob Sanders, name a non-defensive lineman on the Colts defense. Yeah, I can barely do it either, and I’m a Colts fan. You just can’t win games like that, especially in the playoffs, and the Colts desperately need to take the money Marvin Harrison was making a get a good MLB who can beef up the run D and a CB who can actually cover a #1 receiver consistently. If they can get that, they ought to be able to bounce back next year. If not, they’ll probably win a bunch of regular season games and exit the playoffs relatively early.

And here’s hoping Caldwell brings a bit more toughness than Dungy ever has to the mix.