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Bowers Throws Geoghegan Under the Bus

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

by Brien Jackson

Well this is interesting:

Now, I donated to Geoghegan’s campaign as well, as I always make a point of taking whatever action I ask of the community. Also, while it appears that Geoghegan only received one vote for every $100 he raised, that amount seems pretty similar to everyone else in the campaign. We should have done better, but the lack of endorsements was the main cause for that.

This isn’t the first time we have backed a candidate who lost by double digits, and I doubt it will be the last time, either. I am still happy to have supported such a strong progressive, and I don’t think less of Tom Geoghegan as a person because of this. However, in the future, I promise to do a better job of gathering information on the campaign beforehand, and of monitoring warning signs as I see them appear. There were other, pretty progressive candidates in this campaign, and I had done more due diligence, we might have been able to help one of them.

Pardon my French, but this is fucking ridiculous. I was pulling for Geoghegan as well, but I never thought he was going to win. He was running in a special election with a lot of candidates in a large media market without any real bank account and with no establishment support. Crazier things have happened, but not very often. And with 3 major candidates in the race and a lot of money floating around between them (the SEIU alone spent $250,000 on behalf of State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz) in an abbreviated, low attention, campaign, there was no room for an insurgent candidate of any sorts. The winner, predictably, was the candidate with the most name recognition.

What Bowers is doing is really, really pathetic. He’s basically been slapped in the face with his own irrelevance in the grand scheme of things, and he can’t really take it. $11,500 is not that much money in the grand scheme of things, and while it was certainly nice of those donors to give (and much appreciated I’m sure), there really should be no delusions that it wa enough money to change anything in a large market district. But Bowers just can’t allow that his is a marginal position, so he feels the need to lambast the Geoghegan campaign, who frankly from what I hear did an excellent job when accounting for their lack of resources. This is no different than the wingnuts insisting that they’re the base, damnitt, even though John McCain won the Republican Presidential nomination in a walk. There’s nothing wrong with supporting a marginal candidate if you want to (again, I was pulling for Geoghegan myself), but if you’ve deluded yourself into thinking a marginal candidate is reallya front-runner, or more specifically that you yourself are some super-awesome political force because you raised less than $15,000 for a contest in Chicago, well that’s your own damn fault for being out of touch with reality.

Chris “We Are All Economists Now” Bowers really ought to be ashamed of himself.

Update: Credit where credit is due, David Sirota has it right:

If we had portrayed Geoghegan as the former – a guy who was a frontrunner who needed our help to throw him over the goal line – and not the latter – a movement progressive facing tough odds – then sure, I guess we would owe people an apology for misleading them.* But I don’t think we ever did that – and we didn’t do it primarily because everyone from activists to the Chicago media had little clue what would happen in this race because it was so low turnout and so many candidates were in the race.