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Americans of All Stripes Agree: We Hate the GOP

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

by Brien Jackson

The numbers in the new Gallup poll really are staggering, the point of near disbelief. Here’s the sub-group breakdown, via John Cole:

There’s absolutely no good way this comes out good for Republicans. There strongest identifying group is self-identifying conservatives (but they lost because they were too liberal!), and the only other group with about 50% identification with the party is weekly church goers, who only lean to the Republicans at a rate of 52%. What’s more, this is probably even somewhat misleading, as it’s very likely that there’s heavy overlap between regular church goers who identify with the Republican Party and self-identifying conservatives. On the other hand, their performance among college graduates is down 10% in 8 years, which is just a death knell. As more and more people are graduating from college, especially amongst younger voters, a party that’s only appealing to about 1/3 of everyone with a college degree, and who will probably fall even lower than that as the party’s educational demographic makes them even more hostile to educated voters over time, just isn’t going to be competitive nationally. Moreover, the party is down a full 7% with men, and 6% with white voters. And they’re only pulling in 22% of nonwhite voters, in a country rapidly becoming less white.

It’s been said before, but this poll really does put it starkly; the Republican Party is very possibly heading towards a death by their own demographic reality.