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Required Reading

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Karen Tumulty has a piece on Time today dissecting what brought down the candidate that would have been the odds on favorite for the nomination last year. The money quote:

 As aides looked over the campaign calendar, chief strategist Mark Penn confidently predicted that an early win in California would put her over the top because she would pick up all the state’s 370 delegates. It sounded smart, but as every high school civics student now knows, Penn was wrong: Democrats, unlike the Republicans, apportion their delegates according to vote totals, rather than allowing any state to award them winner-take-all. Sitting nearby, veteran Democratic insider Harold M. Ickes, who had helped write those rules, was horrified — and let Penn know it. “How can it possibly be,” Ickes asked, “that the much vaunted chief strategist doesn’t understand proportional allocation?”

It’s cliche to rag on Mark Penn…but there will be quite a bit of that here.