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Pummeling Palin

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Well, I can hardly believe how good the pick of Sarah Palin is for the Democrats!

I know, I know, “McCain is a maverick” and this “reinforces” his “thinking outside the box…”

Nonsense. The stories are coming out that he wanted to pick Lieberman and was pissed that he was told that the delegates to the convention would not allow that. So he picked Plain against the advice of some of his top advisers, and even before she was fully and properly vetted (they apparently have just now sent a group of staff to go to Alaska and do research on her).

As the euphoria dies down and people actually look at her in contrast to the others he could have chosen, it will be obvious that John McCain picked her because she is a woman.

THAT’S the message that the American Voting Public will need to digest: John McCain thinks that American Women voters are going to vote for Sarah Palin because she does NOT have a penis.

Forget the policies she believes in, forget the abuse of power investigation she is facing, forget the total lack of experience she brings to a campaign that used to be about how important experience is…

No, you should vote for Sarah Palin based on her anatomy.

This makes me wonder if McCain really wants to be President…

– writeside