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Yet Another Op-Ed About the Israeli/Palestinian Situation (Now With Shocking Twist Ending!)

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

By Tommy Brown

From a reasonable and well-thought out op-ed about the Big Picture of Israel and Palestine in today’s New York Times:

THE shocking level of the last wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence, which ended with this weekend’s cease-fire, reminds us why a final resolution to the so-called Middle East crisis is so important. It is vital not just to break this cycle of destruction and injustice, but also to deny the religious extremists in the region who feed on the conflict an excuse to advance their own causes.

But everywhere one looks, among the speeches and the desperate diplomacy, there is no real way forward. A just and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians is possible, but it lies in the history of the people of this conflicted land, and not in the tired rhetoric of partition and two-state solutions.

Although it’s hard to realize after the horrors we’ve just witnessed, the state of war between the Jews and Palestinians has not always existed. In fact, many of the divisions between Jews and Palestinians are recent ones. The very name “Palestine” was commonly used to describe the whole area, even by the Jews who lived there, until 1948, when the name “Israel” came into use.

Jews and Muslims are cousins descended from Abraham. Throughout the centuries both faced cruel persecution and often found refuge with one another. Arabs sheltered Jews and protected them after maltreatment at the hands of the Romans and their expulsion from Spain in the Middle Ages.

But here’s the real kicker: Who the authors is. From the byline of the article:

Muammar Qaddafi is the leader of Libya.

That’s right. Qaddafi, the “Mad Dog of the Middle East.” Bete noir of Ronald Magnus Reagan. Ironically, maybe the only success story in the seven-year history of the Bush Doctrine. A guy who was once considered the Evil Terrormaster of the Middle East. Maybe proof that diplomacy does work.

The entire article can be found here.