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Too Much Awesome

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

So Israel went and banned Arab parties from participating in Israeli elections a few days ago. I didn’t blog about it for a couple of reasons. First of all it’s probably going to be overturned soon by the courts. Secondly, I’m not under the impression that you can simultaneously make an official policy out of maintaining a certain ethnic identity as the dominant identifier of your state (and to compete in Israeli elections parties are required to officially support maintaining Israel as a Jewish state) and be a liberal democracy. And because of that I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by trying to maintain that Israel is, in fact, a liberal democracy. They’re not, even if what they are is still relatively good. Although so far as elections go there’s not all that much difference between Israel and, say, Iran.

But the best aspect of all of this has tobe Jamie Kirchick popping up from answering Marty’s phone to write this downright stunning line:

In the United States, if the Ku Klux Klan were to form a political party, advocating the dissolution of the American government and inciting violence from within and without, it would be banned, and rightly so. 

I swear to Allah he actually wrote that.

Just to point out the obvious, in the United States we do not ban political parties. Any political parties. Advocating the violent overthrow of the U.S. government or engaging in criminal activity will generally get you in hot water, but we don’t deny ballot access to anyone on the basis of political beliefs. Period.

How long until the forced correction this time?