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Sunday, December 14th, 2008

I meant to get around to this earlier but…CC! And AJ! The Bombers probably overpaid for both players in the sense that they offered up more than anyone else was likely to even approach, but I’d argue that no team needed both players more than the Yankees. If you worry about Pettite’s age, or the durability of Joba’s arm, then you’ve only got one starter you’re sure about (Wang), and he’s coming off a major injury. Sabathia is, in my opinion, the 2nd best pitcher in all of baseball behind Santana, and Burnett has #1 stuff when he’s on. To have a top of the rotation of Sabathia-Wang-Burnett easily puts them on par with the top of the Red Sox’s and Rays’ rotations.

Oddly enough, what I worry about is their lineup. The 3-4-5 spots look like they’re going to be filled with A-Rod, Matsui, and Xavier Nady, and while I like all those players, it’s not a combination that Yankee fans are going to wax poetic about in 2050. Behind them you’ve got an aging Posada, Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, and either Mike Cameron or Brett Gardner/Melky Cabrera. At it’s best, that lineup is the 3rd best in the division, behind the Red Sox and Rays, and it’s a downright bad defensive team. So with that in mind, I’d argue that the Yankees need to forget about Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets (neither of whom are worth the kind of money that’s being talked about anyway), get Andy Pettite on board quickly to round ut the top 4 of your rotation, and put together whatever offer you can muster for Mark Teixeira. He fills several needs all at once; left handed power at the plate, a good defender in the infield, an All-Star caliber bat in the middle of the order who can protect A-Rod, and it’s vitally important that they keep him out of Boston. If Teixeira winds up in Bean Town, the Red Sox have a downright scary lineup, excellent infield defense, and a very good combination of frontline starters/closer. In Baltimore, he gives an increasingly good young team a bona fide center piece, and an All-Star bat.

In other words, sign Teixeira!