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Shut Up Moron

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

So over the last month or so, I’ve basically managed to cut cable news out of my life, mostly thanks to the internet. I still read and but I don’t watch them blather all day. Unfortunately, it’s quite a bit harder to do that with ESPN, as they have a lot of exclusive content like Monday Night Football.

So because I don’t really have much of an option, I’ve had to endure Tony Kornheiser ruining an otherwise pretty good Packers-Bears game by blathering endlessly about Brett Favre, just like he did when the Packers played the Vikings and the Saints earlier in the year on MNF. After a while, you’d think we could maybe get the point; Tony Kornheiser thinks that the Packers should have kept Brett Favre, doesn’t think Aaron Rodgrs is as good, and is going to pass off his obsession, much like a cable news talking head, by insisting that it’s “the fans” who will forever compare them and wonder if the Packers made the right decision.

And while I’m on the subject, is there anything more annoying in sports than ESPN’s Brett Favre worship? I mean seriously, what the hell is it even based on? Favre’s thrown more interceptions (19) than any other QB in the league this season. Rodgers has only thrown 12. And Rodgers has more touchdowns (23) than Favre (21). More passing yards too. In fact, in every meaningful statistic other than completion percentage, Rodgers is better than Brett Favre this season. But the Packers have a very crappy defense that can’t stop anyone, especially when they’re protecting a late lead, and so they’ve lost a lot of games. But obviously that has nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers, and if you’re actually paying attention to the NFL season, only an idiot like Tony Kornheiser could actually wonder if the Packers might maybe be better if only their quarterback had thrown 2 fewer touchdowns and 7 more interceptions over the course of the first 15 games of the year.