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O’Reilly Attacks!

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

by Brien Jackson

I think we’re all somewhat familiar with The O’Reilly Factor’s habit of sending a producer to ambush a liberal who’s written something that offends Bill. O and, ostensibly, refuses to come on his show. And it’s sort of thuggish in any event, but as someone else said earlier, there’s a noticeable difference between ambushing a 60 year old man on the sidewalk in the middle of Manhattan and following the car of a 20-something woman to the middle of nowhere Virginia. Even more so since the “offense” is over Terkel pointing out that O’Reilly really has no business talking about rape victims, given his past statements to the effect that women who dress provacatively and drink alcohol are asking to be raped.

And Terkel makes at least the second person O’Reilly has ambushed, the first being Hendrick Hertzberg, who denies having ever been asked to go on O’Reilly’s show. Stay classy Bill O.