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The Clinton Foundation

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Am I the only person in America who doesn’t really think this Clinton Foundation thing is much of an issue? It seems incredibly unlikely to me that Hillary Clinton is going to be particularly swayed because someone gave money to her husband’s charity, or at least certainly not more swayed than she will be by the nature of things. The implicit charge seems to be that if the Sudanese government gives the Clinton Foundation enough money the U.S. government will pretend Darfur isn’t happening, or something. That’s implausible for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which being that Barack Obama is the President.

More Superdelegates

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Obama picks up the endorsement of a Hawaii super, and will reportedly pick up the Idaho Democratic Chairman’s support.

Idaho Democrats vs. (Bill) Clinton

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Clinton, while campaigning in Indiana for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, was quoted in national media as saying she would “bag” No Child Left Behind laws.”Every time I say this, it’s a guaranteed applause line,” he said. “You can drop me in the middle of Idaho where there’s not a Democrat in 200 miles and an elk would applaud me on that.”

Idaho Democrats called Clinton’s comments an insult. They said the state party is making a comeback – after suffering setbacks during Clinton’s two terms in office.

“If Bill Clinton had done for elk in Idaho everything he did for Democrats, we’d have far fewer elk,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Keith Roark – an uncommitted superdelegate – Wednesday morning.

Roark said his criticism is not directed at Hillary Clinton, but rather the former president, and his impact on the state party. In 1991, the year before Clinton became president, the two parties had equal seats in the state Senate. By 2001, they had just three of 35 seats.

This is the elephant in the room the media either doesn’t understand, or doesn’t want to tell you for fear of taking some excitement out of the race. Many superdelegates blame Bill Clinton for the Republican takeover of Congress and their large gains in state races around the country in the 1990’s, and many of them feel that the Clintons were never politically good for the party at large. Considering the superdelegates are members of Congress who have to run those down ticket races and DNC members looking out for the good of the party at large, there is genuine aversion to another Clinton Presidency.