People Want Basic Services, Don’t Want to Pay For Them

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this story. Basically, Arizona is facing a huge budget shortfall, the largest in the country relative to overall size of the budget, and as part of an effort to cut costs, they’re closing a number of interstate rest stops. Predictably motorists and truckers aren’t very happy about this, and I certainly don’t blame them. On the other hand, the article really doesn’t seem to indicate that there’s any support for a tax increase to make up the deficit, or even a dedicated tax stream to support the rest stops. Indeed, apparently one woman thinks this is all some sort of organized plot to set up a massive tax increase. Basically I think this just illustrates that people, including nominal “small-government conservatives,” really aren’t interested in cutting much in the way of basic public services, they just really don’t like paying for them.