Jane Hamsher Really Is Not the “Base”

It’s really not that important at this point, but since I was banging this drum months ago it seems worth pointing out that Yglesias is exactly right about Jane Hamsher, and her place in the broader left. Putting aside my disagreements with the FDL crowds substantive views of the Senate healthcare bill (and the fact that I think Matt was being a bit unfair to Grijalva in the original post), it really is worth contemplating where the people who doggedly consider themselve the electoral “base” of the Democratic Party are relative to everyone else at the moment. Unions are lobbying wavering members of the House to support the bill, MoveOn is rallying support for the effort, every major progressive politician in Congress is in favor of passage, and even in the broader internet activist universe, most of the Netroots favors passage at this point. Discounting the single-payer-or-bust crowd, FDL is pretty much completely alone in the Democratic Party in opposing the bill at this point. You can ascribe whatever reason you find most plausible for their position (I think it’s mostly pique at realizing they’re not nearly as influential as they thought they were, mixed with Jane’s personal narcissism),┬ábut either way this fact really ought to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that, whomever the base of the Democratic Party is, it’s not the people taking the FDL-line on healthcare reform. By any objective observation, they’re a small element of the Democratic Party, which has overwhelmingly coalesced around the goal of passing the healthcare bill.