Does the New Bill Cover Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Apparently responding to criticism of her very dumb response to healthcare reform passing last night, Megan McArdle writes:

Obviously, yes, I was upset yesterday.  I’m glad that this could bring so much joy to peoples’ hearts, and of course to know that for many people, the happiest part of passing health care reform seems to have been knowing that it made people like me unhappy.  The people wondering why I was so upset should contemplate that first, I think you people just screwed up both our health care system, and our fiscal system (even further), and that if I’m right, that’s not really funny.

Now I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me personally the happiest parts of passing healthcare reform are, in no particular order, that people with pre-existing medical condition will no longer lack adequate access to care, that entrepreneurship will no longer be stifled by the fact that striking out on your own represents a tremendous risk of health coverage for the rest of your life, that tens of millions of people who don’t have/can’t afford insurance will now be covered, and that insurance companies won’t be able to reduce costs by cancelling policies when people get sick. That it’s also driven McMegan, and people like her, completely insane is just an added bonus.

Also, I really can’t understand why McMegan’s critics accuse her of being self-absorbed.