Breaking: Conservative Has Empathy!

It’s sort of sad that I was totally surprised by this piece that appeared at David Frum’s site but, well, there you have it: it’s surprising to see conservatives displaying empathy. Actually, I guess it’s technically not empathy, since the writer is describing something that’s actually happening to him, as opposed to something happening to someone else he can imagine happening to him, but hey, I might as well cut him some slack for the effort.

I do have to say though that I still find the complete absence of any empathy from the right in the healthcare debate totally bizarre. I’ve long since reconciled myself to the fact that almost no one on the right understands the issues involved in the healthcare question whatsoever, so maybe it’s simply a function of that, but still, it’s really odd that apparently no writers at any major conservative publications can imagine themselves or someone they know becoming a casualty of our dysfunctional insurance regime. Especially because they’re writers! After all, almost no conservative publications actually turn an operating profit (nor do many liberal publications, to be fair), and they all largely depend on a mix of donations from readers and rich benefactors to make up the difference. But considering the shape the economy is in, can no conservative writers really imagine that donations will drop this year, and the publication paying their check might have to downsize? Can none of them really not imagine themselves falling victim to a recession and then developing a serious medical condition while they’re between jobs? Do none of them realize that should this happen to them, or someone they know, they’ll be completely shut out of the insurance market? It’s just very odd, and makes me wonder whether American conservatives really are compltely devoid of empathy, or are just that ignorant of health insurance issues.