What Happens if the Uninsured Pick Up a Gun?

By Writeside

Watching MTP today I was struck by how Dick Armey and Tom Coburn avoided any responsibility for the right wink kooks who are gathering weapons and ammunition, joining militias, buying gold and stockpiling cans of beef stew. Certainly it should be as obvious to those two gentleman as it is to everyone else that these nuts are being riled up because they are being told – by the Republicans – that the Obama administration is doing everything from wanting to kill grandma to destroying the American way of life. The right needs responsible leaders who will stand up and loudly repudiate the violent threats.

But after all, what the right wing wants is to preserve the status quo. They want those who “have” now staying that way, and as for those who “have not?” Well, the Republican party is pretty sure that those who have not are illegal aliens, lazy African Americans, Marxists, just plain evil or a combination of all of those things, and not deserving of having anything like health care in the first place. Certainly they are people who made “poor choices” in their lives and thus deserve to die young and leave nothing behind for their children.

Yes, the people like the idiot who brought a gun and threatening signs to the Portsmouth town hall, and the nutbag who held up the “Death to Obama and Family” signs in Maryland are a small percentage of even the right wing nuts, but all of them want to preserve the status quo. What about those who don’t?

What if the 46 million people without health care decided to form their own militias? It seems to me that the “have nots” in this country should be more motivated to change the way things are than the “haves.” Latest estimates are that 37 million people live in poverty in the United States. If only 1% of those who either live in poverty or who do not also have health care coverage decided that our system – despite overwhelming Democratic majorities – was not going to respond to them in general, and to the health care crisis in general, that would be an army of between 370,000 and 460,000 people. What percentage might it be if we see the moneyed interests come away with a “win” here? 3%? 5%? 10%?

And none of their anger would be based upon lies.

This is why I am anxious to see some leadership from those on the right. They threaten us with military coups to “restore” the GOP to power, and the Republican leadership winks and says that they know nothing about that. Then they turn around and say that they “understand” the anger that infuses the radical right.

They miss those with grievances on the left, those who worked last year to put huge Democratic majorities in place to effect change, those who worked within the system to try to make this a better country.

They Republicans play the “we know how to use a gun” schtick a bit too loosely, and they forget that they’re not the only ones who do…