Sen. Edward Kennedy (1932-2009)

by Brien Jackson

I’m certainly not of the generation of Americans who are usually considered to be enamored with the Kennedy brothers, but it was, and still is, impossible not to be awed and moved by Ted Kennedy. Teddy doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves, and is obviously not thought of nearly so fondly as his older brothers, yes, in part because his life was not artificially cut short. People can imagine what Jack and Bobby might have done, and impute their own vision of their better angels to them, but with Teddy, we actually have a full life and body of work to look at, warts and all.

There’s a lot of things that deserve to be said, both about the life he lived and what this means for the rest of us going forward, but for now, at least for me, the passing is too sad for words. Thank you Teddy. That’s really all that needs to be said today.