What To Do About North Korea

The speech President Obama should give from the East Room at the White House:

Good evening. I would like to address my comments to the leaders and citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

With your recent tests of nuclear weapons and tests of both short and long range missiles, it is apparent to all the nations of the world that you have entered the “Nuclear Club.”

While being a member of that club means that you have achieved a certain level of technological adeptness for which you can be justifiably proud as a nation, reaching that goal also has some very unfortunate consequences.

At this moment, because of your newfound technological abilities, many nations around the world, including the other nations that have missile and nuclear technology equal to and beyond yours, have programmed military and other targets in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea into the guidance systems of their multiple warhead nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A nuclear explosion anywhere around the world that can be traced or otherwise associated with your development and manufacturing of nuclear weapons will likely cause an immediate launch of perhaps hundreds of nuclear tipped ICBMs that would destroy much of your country and mean certain death for a large portion of your population, leaving behind land that would be useless to support human life for a generation or more. The effects of the nuclear war that would thus be ignited would kill hundreds of thousands more around the world, and disrupt life for every living person.

I say this not as a threat, but as a reminder to the leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea of the awesome responsibility that comes with being a nuclear power. Presidents of the United States since Harry Truman have lived with this threat of mutually assured destruction and have thus far been able to keep these weapons from further use. I urge you to take whatever precautions are necessary to do the same to ensure a future for your children and grandchildren.

If you need assistance in ensuring the security of your nuclear weapons, we would be willing to help as would many other nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Sadly, there is another cost to your recent technological breakthroughs. When you abrogated your agreements to suspend your nuclear program, you also abrogated the willingness of countries around the world to provide you with the food, fuel and other assistance that was a part of those agreements.

We here in the United States stand willing to help you meet the needs of your people. We would love to once again offer assistance through trade and by delivering food and other needed supplies.

But we will not do that with a country that is an acknowledged nuclear power and has the means to threaten the rest of the countries in the world with destruction. To that end, I urge you to consider abandoning your nuclear program having already shown the world your technological capabilities and achievements. The world now understands the brilliance of Korean scientists in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, but it is time to put those advances aside in order to better care for your people.

If you wish, we can assist you in dismantling your nuclear program and returning the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to its former non-nuclear status. Again, I am sure that many countries around the world would be willing to assist you in that regard.

After you are free from the responsibilities of being a nuclear power, we would be very happy to re-engage in discussions for ongoing trade and aid. We are always ready partners for peace.

As I said earlier: welcome to the club. It is a sad welcome because of the heavy burden you now bear both in terms of mutually assured destruction and in the loss of desperately needed aid, but I must believe that you did not make this decision without careful consideration of the consequences. Having made your point, you can now make the courageous decision to walk away from this terrible power, to show the world that you can make a decision that is best for your people and for all of the people in the world.

Again, the United States is always a ready partner for peace with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and we look forward to peace and prosperity in the future for both of our countries.

Thank you. Good night. And May God Bless America.

By Writeside