Ross Douthat is a Lightweight

by Brien Jackson

Yes, Ross Douthat’s column today sucks hard. And yes, Ross Douthat sucks hard. I’ve never understood what people see in Douthat. I guess there was something of a novelty act in Grand New Party, arguing that the GOP needed to do more for working class people, but having read the book, I can attest that it sucks just as hard as everything else Douthat has ever written, and for fairly predictable reasons; Douthat resorts to conventional right-wing tropes about cultural elitism and social issues. The economic argument made for a nice selling point for the notion that the theory was different, I suppose, but it’s simply not the meat of the book.

Anyway, Douthat’s column today simply makes no sense. Hilzoy does a nice takedown, and I’ll just reiterate that the final point, that we could reach “common ground” in a situation wherein pro-life crazies would stop killing doctors if liberals agree to heavily “regulate” second trimester abortions is complete nonsense. And yes, Douthat also has his facts wrong.

I’d also ask why I’m supposed to feel bad that the media institution that’s paying Douthat for the priviledge of printing this nonsense is facing financial difficulty? It seems to me that if they want to cut some money, getting rid of the Bill Kristol Seat on the Op-Ed page would be a good place to start; it would save them money, and make their readers smarter for it.