Quite a Time for Political Junkies!

We are living in remarkable political times.

And I say that as someone who, while a child, remembers 1968, remembers hearing Lyndon Johnson announce that he was not going to run that year, remembers the assassinations, the riots, the turmoil of that time and, of course, all the years afterward.

To me, it is simply amazing how quickly the Republican Party has fallen apart, how swiftly they have descended from control of all branches of government to literally fighting over the (still shrinking) remnants of their party.

That might seem harsh, but when the three “leaders” of the party are Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney, and they are spouting nonsense, what else is there to say?

Now, I don’t happen to believe that the GOP will “disappear” but they are facing what I think is a critical juncture in their history.

Faced with the prospect of reducing itself to being the party of white Southerners, the GOP needs to reach out to minorities in ways that it’s just not doing right now. In fact, it almost seems like they are going out of their way to alienate anybody who might otherwise be predisposed to voting for them.

The people in the Southwest are very environmentally conscious. The GOP base rails against environmental protection.

People in the Northeast are trending towards favoring civil rights for homosexuals. The GOP base rails against this, calling it “perversion” and “leading to the breakdown of civilization.”

At a time when the country desperately needs youth to study science and pursue scientific and engineering careers, the GOP tries to dispute science on all fronts, even to the point of ridiculing the Theory of Evolution.

Conservative, Catholic Hispanic Americans? The GOP embraces xenophobia and some even want to remove citizenship from those born in the United States.

Conservative, Christian increasingly middle class African Americans? The GOP wants to hobnob with the CCC, wants to “celebrate” those who fought to keep people enslaved, and wants to end affirmative action programs.

It seems for every potential constituency, the GOP has a different reason why they end up being hated and dismissed.

It is not my intention to give them advice, far from it. The longer they stay out of power, the better off the country will be in my estimation.

But it IS interesting to watch…

By Writeside