Nope, No Racism

by Brien Jackson

This really says it all doesn’t it?

Now obviously I’m not the first person to write about this, so I’m hardly the first to notice that National Review made the odd decision to caricature Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” remark with a caricature of Asian stereotypes, but in a way, I think that’s sort of the least interesting, or telling anyway, aspect of the story so far. Yeah, it’s kind of funny that no one at the editorial meeting apparently knows their stereotypes, but then, this post from Rich Lowry does sort of tell us that they knew what they were doing, so the most obvious conclusion to draw from that is that National Review is simply looking to bait attention from this, and they’re perfectly happy to use racist imagery to do that Hell, it seems that may even be the point. Seeing conservatives toe the racist line isn’t anything new, nor is it new to see them whine about being called on it when they do step over said line, but this is pretty brazen even by those standards. Lowry goes on to call critics “humorless” because, you know, all those liberals just don’t get teh funneh inherent in making fun of racial minorities based on other group stereotypes. They’re worse than feminists and rape jokes! And then along comes Jonah, because there’s never been anyone worse at making connections in human history, to tell us that “real” racially offensive imagery is a black magazine using well known references to selling out people like you to get ahead. I mean, it’s just like how they all walk around calling each other “nigger” but get pissed off when Jonah calls them a nigger. Why won’t they just get with the program of the well known human tradition that if one person can say it to another? What’s that you say? Context? Personal relationships? Shared experiences? What the hell is that?

Ultimately the game here is pretty simple; you do something that you know will get people to call you a racist, because it is racist, and you use that to stoke the resentiment of the aspects of your white-male coalition that haven’t quite come to grips with this racial/gender equality stuff yet, or are convinced that white males are the new oppressed minority, or whatever the hell the talking point is today. You tell them this is proof that white guys can’t even tell a joke anymore (even though this obviously isn’t a joke), that you can’t criticize a minority without being called a racist (even though you’re not being called out for criticism, but for using racial caricatures), and of course the ever present “I know you are but what am I” retorts Jonah traffics in. Because ultimately, the only thing that matters is pissing off liberals. But I don’t think it pisses anyone off anymore, it’s just embarrassing to watch. Like a 6 year old throwing a tantrum in a grocery store; you feel terrible for staring, but damnitt, you just can’t help yourself.

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