Inconvenient Separate Truths?

Through the wonders of the internet, we can discover that the truth isn’t really the truth anymore.

Nope. For any given issue, for any given bit of information really, you can find a source somewhere in the ethereal world that disputes it, thus not only giving the lie to your so called “fact,” but proving that the exact opposite is true – if someone wants it to be.

It would be easy to become alarmed at this phenomenon, after all, it IS kind of unnerving to know that there are a whole large group of people out there who believe that there has been a five decades long conspiracy embracing officials on four continents, including every member of every state’s electoral system, every member of the national committees of both national parties, every member of the Electoral College, every member of Congress and every member of the Supreme Court working together and in absolute silence to hide the fact that President Obama isn’t really eligible to be President either because he wasn’t born in Hawaii or because his father was not a citizen when he was born.

On one of the sites where these people gather someone asked if yesterday’s temporary stay of the Chrysler bankruptcy ruling meant that the Court was about to “take up” the eligibility case. “Do you think even liberal justice Ginsburg sees this as a way for the Supreme Court to rule on Obama’s eligibility?” WTF, right?

Like I said, it would be easy to e alarmed at the number of people holding idiotic beliefs and ideas in this world if you didn’t realize that its only because of the internet that you can now find out so much about them, and that they can reach places that you frequent.

As a point of fact, there have always been nuts like this running around, from the John Birch Society to those that believe that a select group of “industrialists” in Switzerland actually control the whole world. In my bookshelf I have a book from the 1950s called “The Unseen Hand” that traces the influence of such groups to virtually every war, to every major national and international action going back to the American Revolution!

While some would say that the internet makes it easier for these nutcases to organize if they were of a mind to, I kind of think that it’s a good thing that they are communicating in an arena that can be easily monitored by the appropriate authorities. I do think that some of them are nuts enough to be harmful to themselves or others, but again, being able to spout off on line also makes them feel like they are “doing something” and that might be enough to keep them docile.

The crazy will always be with us. In the meanwhile, lets enjoy their wackiness while we can!

By Writeside