Sully Embraces High Broderism

by Brien Jackson

Andrew Sullivan, on the revelation that Susan Collins and Arlen Specter define their moderation by doing things like delaying the appropriation of funds to fight flu pandemics:

I take the point but a little less partisanship in a public health crisis is surely warranted.

Or…no. I can see where it might seem cheap to “score points” off of a public health issue, but at the same time, public policy has real consequences. And this is one of those times where¬†that seems pretty stark. It would be one thing, I suppose, f there was some level of egregious hypocrisy involved, and I’m personally more than happy to include Ben Nelson in the list of offenders here if that will make Sullivan happier, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out that a group of policy makers opposed the appropriation of a relatively small amount of money to better prepare our country for a potential pandemic. If that’s “partisan,” it’s only because the Republican Party, at this point in time, is uniquely absurd. And if Republicans, or politicians of any party for that matter, don’t want to be criticized for quashing funding for public health emergencies, then they shouldn’t vote against those sorts of things.

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