SEIU Hits Boren Hard on EFCA

by Brien Jackson

Via Greg Sargent, this is just brutal:

I don’t really have a problem with the, um, direct nature of the content. One of the known effects of workplace unionization is safer workplaces, so, logically, less unionization means less safe workplaces. But this will offend some delicate sensibilities (David Broder will have an epileptic fit if he sees it) and so I do have one question for SEIU about the politics of the ad; why Boren?

Rep. Dan Boren represents the 2nd Congressional District in Oklahoma. He’s the only Democrat in Oklahoma’s entire Congressional district, and the 2nd scores as R +5 on the Cook Political Index. He is, in other words, representing a more conservative than average constituency. But he’s also only one member of the House of Representatives, where Democrats have a very large majority and the minority has little to no official capacity to impact legislation. It’s not as if Boren is going to put a hold on the bill, for example, or that his vote will likely tip the scale in either direction in the 435 member body. With that in mind, it seems that such a hard hitting ad would be better placed against someone who was both in a better position to support the bill, and was more likely to impact the bill’s passage.

And since I believe the SEIU is a partner in Accountability Now, count this as another reason I’m skeptical about that organization’s purpose.

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