Proud of Themselves

by Brien Jackson

George Stephanopolous must have a very low opinion of his colleagues in the Beltway press:

Just about all of the questions were pointed and challenging, and just about every journalist worked in a follow-up.  That’s new, and welcome.

Surprisingly, not a single question tonight about Iraq or Afghanistan. When’s the last time that happened at a full-blown presidential press conference?

On my report card, both the president and the press get an A- tonight.

For real? There wasn’t a single question about Iraq or Afghanistan, to say nothing of the administration’s bank plan, regulatory plans, healthcare reform, cap and trade, etc. But there was a lot about deficits, Fox implying Obama is really Communist, some Washington Times reporter throwing down the social conservative gauntlet on stem cells, and Chuck Todd asking a really stupid question about “sacrifice,” as though a pronounced economic downturn is everyone’s idea of one helluva party.

A-? And they wonder why they’re dying?