by Brien Jackson

Aside from the sheer banality of his remarks, let me just ask one question; what Republican strategist thought it was a good idea to ask Bobby Jindal to deliver this speech? Not to point out the obvious, or to say things you’re not supposed to say in polite company, but do they not think the American people realize that they are an overwhelmingly white party? And so they follow the first State of the Union speech to a joint session of Congress by a non-white President with a Republican response given by one of like 6 non-white Republicans in the entire country? It reeks of tokenism, and it puts Jindal in a really terrible spot. If this is how Republicans are going to use Jindal over the next 4 years, they’re really going to destroy whatever image the guy might have cultivated, as he’s going to get labeled as the go-to-non-white guy in the Republican Party.