By This Definition, What Isn’t Fascism?

By Tommy Brown

So I finally picked up a copy of Liberal Fascism from the library on a lark, a tome authored by my favorite nepotistic neoconservative, Jonah Goldberg. The book’s thesis, of course, is that fascism is a left-wing ideology (and, thus, modern American liberals are “smiley-face fascists”). Now I haven’t even gotten beyond the first chapter, because in the introduction he admits that there is no concrete definition for fascism, but then proceeds to lay out what he feels are the similarities between political movements that make them fascist:

1. The quest for community.

2. The urge to “get beyond” politics

3. Faith in the perfectability of man and the authority of experts

4. An obsession with the aesthetics of youth and the “cult of action.”

5. The need for a powerful state to coordinate society

6. The belief in the ability to create a better world.

I leave it to the reader to contemplate the depths of madness required for those to be your prerequsites for fascism.

(And, yes, I know this was done a million times when the book came out, but it still made my jaw drop)

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