What’s Up With Cornyn?

by Brien Jackson

Since the 111th Congress kicked off, Republicans have threatened to filibuster any attempt to seat Al Franken this decade, held up Hillary Clinton’s confirmation vote, forcing her to stand apart from a group confirmation even though there were only 2 members opposed to her, and now they’re holding Eric Holder’s nomination in committee in the name of supporting torture. What do all of these moves have in common? They’re all the actions of Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX).

So what exactly is Cornyn up to, and why is his name getting stamped all over the GOP’s dead end obstructionism? It’s hard to say. Cornyn is the new head of the NRSC, so he has something of a leadership position in the caucus, but it seems unlikely that he’d try to challenge newly re-elected Mitch McConnell for the Republican leader’s position. And it doesn’t seem to me that there’s going to be much hay to be made from silly procedural moves that last a week at best. So I don’t really know what Cornyn is thinking, but don’t be surprised if it turns out he’s throwing bones to the wingnuts to get his name out there in preperation for a possbile Presidential run.