Playoff Picks

I’m generally not very good at this, but all the same, you have to do it, so without any fanfare, here are my 2008 NFL playoff predictions (all the way through):

First of all, I’m taking Arizona over Atlanta. I know everyone is hot for Matt Ryan and the Falcons, but Arizona still has a deadly receiving crew, Matt Ryan is still a rookie, and Arizona is 6-2 at home this season. A little spark under them from getting a home playoff game for the first time, and I think Arizona will be able to find a way to win a game they probably ought to lose. On the downside, you’ll still here about how Matt Ryan and Mike Smith are first ballot Hall of Famers on ESPN every day until approximately May 18th…of 2020. I’m also going to take Baltimore over Miami on the back of their defense, Philadelphia over Minnesota based on the talent of their corners. Asante Samuel and Lito Sheppard ought to be able to lock down Minnesota’s receivers more or less all day, freeing Philly up to stuff the box against Adrian Peterson mercilessly. I just don’t see a weak passing game overcoming that. And in maybe the most difficult of all the games, I’m taking Indianapolis over San Diego.

My second round matchups would play out as follows; New York vs. Philly, Carolina vs. Arizona, Tennesee vs. Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. I’ll take new York and Carolina on the basis of their running games, and I’ll take Indianapolis because of Peyton Manning. The Tennesee-Baltimore match up is harder to predict, but I’ll take Baltimore. They would have beaten Tennessee already if not for a bogus penalty on Terrell Suggs on Tennessee’s game winning drive, and while this game is on the road Baltimore has made great strides since that game, while Tennessee has hit a few rough patches. Besides, sooner or later the real Kerry Collins is going to show up.

Anyone see where this is going? Yep, I’ll take New York over Carolina and Indianapolis, setting up The Manning Bowl and a rematch of The Greatest Game Ever Played in Superbowl XLIII. My wife will pitch a fit for a year, and might even divorce me after Peyton Manning shreds Baltimore’s defense for the gazillionth time but, hey, I don’t play the games.

Colts win the Superbowl, by the way. You’re getting better Eli, but you ain’t Peyton. Yet.