On the Ground

So Israel has launched a ground offensive into Gaza, after days of reports that Hamas was hoping for a ground offensive. Wicked smart huh?

Now, obviously, Hamas is no match for the IDF, even in door to door fighting in a highly dense, highly unfriendly to Israel area. But that’s not the point. Hamas knows that ground fighting in Gaza will lead to high levels of civilian casualties, destroyed infrastructure, disrupted life, and just general misery to the point that the people there¬†will rally around whomever is fighting the Israelis, which will be Hamas. And Israel knows this too. Israel certainly isn’t stupid, and they understand they can’t “run out” Hamas from Gaza, especially as a political entity. But moreover, they don’t want to do that, because, as I’ve said before, the conflict is an end to itself for both Hamas and the Israeli government. The sooner the West and the Israeli people wake up to that, the sooner we’ll get some sort of real resolution to the matter. But until then, the cycle of violence will continue because that’s what serves the interests of power on both sides.