OH-Sen; Ryan “Considering” Running

Well that’s how Politico’s John Kraushaar characterizes it, but I think I’d be a little more reserved myself. The basis is this statement Ryan’s office put out yesterday:

“I am singularly focused on what’s best for my constituents in Northeast Ohio,” Ryan said in a statement. “That said, if I can have a greater impact by being in the Senate, I will certainly consider it.”

That seems like pretty standard keeping-options-open stuff, but even a quick parsing leaves it feeling pretty weak. After all, if you were really serious about trying to jump from the House to the Senate, you’d be inclined to a strong statement early to scare off other members of the House (you can’t run for the House and the Senate at the same time, so if two Representatives run for the same Senate seat, one of them is coming up without a job altogether), and if the standard is really where he can be the most effective, it’s hard to see the answer being a Senate seat in a competitive state as opposed to an incredibly safe House district. That especially true given that Ryan already has a coveted seat on the Appropriations Committee.

Another bit of Ohio news that has some people amused is the Chairman of the Ohio GOP’s endorsement for the RNC Chair position, which did not go to Ken Blackwell. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone familiar with the relationships in the state, as Bennett and Blackwell have long standing animosity between them. Frankly, they just don’t like each other.

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