Deploy the Stimulus Ram

by Polk

Enough meetings with Republicans. Enough meetings with CEOs. My message to Barack Obama is to start looking out for your own future. When you’re up for reelection in 2012, the public isn’t going to care how nicely you played with the Republicans in the economy is still in the crapper.We need fast and effective stimulus. Caving to the Republicans and including massive tax cuts just directed their complaints to something else. Adding tax cuts lead them to bitch about grass on the Mall. Removing the grass lead to bitching about birth control pills.Then comes claims that no one knows where the money is going.They are your enemy. They want you to fail. They want America to fail if it vindicates their ideology. This is what Obama needs to understand. They’re going to run around presenting “alternatives” that don’t mean anything at all. They’ll complain about the deficit while calling to blow it wide open with huge permanent tax cuts which will do nothing to stimulate the economy.

And it’s not like the package is in jeopardy. The House could pass it on a straight party line vote and passage in the Senate would require two defectors to break the filibuster. Of the seven votes cast so far on major issues, at least four Republicans have defected, including Snowe, who has sided with the administration on every vote. Gregg and Voinovich have sided with the Democrats on six of the seven.

It’s not rocket science. Pass stimulus and pass it now.