Wither the Hacks

Why do people take Larry Kudlow seriously?

[Sen. Bob] Corker wants Detroit to have the exact same compensation levels as the Japanese transplants in the non-union Southern states. That means moving hourly labor costs down from roughly $70 to $48. It means reopening the UAW contracts that have created the huge pay-gap between Toyota and GM. It means putting an end to excessive pension and healthcare benefits.

Sounds really serious right? Well, not so much. After all, hourly labor costs for American companies aren’t $70, indeed they aren’t all that much higher than Honda and Toyota’s labor costs,¬†and the reason Toyota and Honda¬†have lower healthcare costs is in large part a result of Japan’s system of socialized medicine, that effectively subsidizes a lot of those costs. But that doesn’t stop Kudlow, and indeed it shouldn’t, since he’s merely engaging in a conscious effort to muddy the facts of the matter and attack unions.

And wouldn’t ya know it, Jennifer Rubin swallows it whole.

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