Thursday Kennedy Blogging

So, if anyone was worried that Caroline Kennedy couldn’t handle herself when it comes to politics, think again:

In her first visit to Rochester, U.S. Senate hopeful Caroline Kennedy met Wednesday with Mayor Robert Duffy and Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport, asking questions about upstate but not asking for an endorsement….

“It’s my first time in Rochester, but I’ll be back as many times as Chuck Schumer,” Kennedy said, referring to New York’s other Democratic senator, who coincidentally also stopped in Rochester on Wednesday.
Asked whether she would run for the office if Gov. David Paterson doesn’t appoint her, she replied: “Absolutely.”

Steve Benen wonders if she isn’t putting some pressure on Governor Patterson by promising (threatening?) to run in 2010, but I think it’s more appropriate to say she’s putting some pressure on the other candidates. If you’re someone like Carolyn Maloney, do you really want to give up your safe seat in the House for a Senate seat if you’re faced with the prospect of a primary race against Caroline Kennedy in 2 years? It certainly makes for a less appealing prospect to be sure.