They Sux

Patrick Appel, filling in for Andrew Sullivan writes:

It’s not the bureaucrats fault that the media market fundamentally changed. The big three stopped making a product Americans wanted to buy.

This last part, the idea that the Big 3’s problems stem from the fact that American cars suck, is just not true. Yes there was a period from about the mid 80’s to the late 90’s in which American cars were quite crappy, but that era has long since passed, and there’s quite a bit of demand for their automobiles. The F-150 is the best selling truck on the road, GM still has quite a bit of market share, and so on. Lots of people like GM and Ford made cars. Lots of people like Toyota and Honda made cars. The problem for the Big 3 is that the contracts made between management and labor in the 1970’s were predicated on the idea that the Big 3 would own a monopoly on the market forever, and that people would continue to buy their cars because they had no other choice. And if it didn’t wind up working that way, oh well, it sure made the bottom line look good th next quarter, and they’re long since gone. Let someone else deal with it if your insane assumption turns out to be, well, insane.