Friday Kennedy Blogging

Another day, another unconvincing argument against Caroline Kennedy being a United States Senator. Today, it’s Andrew Sullivan arguing that Kennedy is less qualified to be Senator than Sarah Palin was to be Vice-President:

In fact, Sarah Palin was more qualified to be vice-president than Caroline Kennedy is to be a Senator. Both are celebrities, but Palin made her own way herself, winning election as mayor and governor without the kind of raw nepotism now on display in New York State. The model now, of course, is similar – finding a way to get elected without actually exposing your inadequacies.

This is just plainly ridiculous. On the one hand, the jobs are not the same. The Vice-President is one heart beat away from being the President of the United States, and in Palin’s case it would have been a very old, multiple cancer survivng heartbeat. That’s quite a bit taller order than being one, low ranking, member of a body of 100 Seantors who’s going to do little more than cast votes for the next 4-10 years while they accrue seniority. Also, I don’t know anyone who thought that the only problem with Palin was her thin resume. To be sure it doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence when a candidate for VP is citing their tenure as a “small town mayor” as a chief qualification, but what was most troubling was Palin’s obvious lack of knowledge on the major issues of the race. After all Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t have terribly long, formal, histories of holding office, and if that’s what you were looking for, you would have had to have gone with John McCain’s 25 years in Congress.

And, of course, I’ve got to point out that there seems to be a noticeable gender pattern in the candidates for office Andrew decides to wage war on.

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