Dana Milbank gives up the goat:

Yesterday, the president-elect began with opening-statement platitudes: “If we want to outcompete the world tomorrow, then we’re going to have to outeducate the world today. . . . We need a new vision for the 21st-century education system.”

Obama followed that by allowing the vice president-elect to deliver one of his trademark meanders: “My mom has an expression — and you all are tired of hearing me say this all through the last couple years — that children tend to become that which you expect of them. . . . These kids, Mr. President, are the kite strings that lift our national ambitions aloft.”

Next up in Obama’s insomnia treatment was an acceptance speech by the previously unknown nominee, followed by the president-elect’s own blend of convoluted and passive answers to questions: “We’re going to have to work through a lot of these difficulties, these structural difficulties that built up over many decades, some of it having to do with the financial industry and the huge amounts of leverage, the huge amounts of debt that were taken on, the speculation and the risk that was occurring, the lack of financial regulation, some of it having to do with our housing market, stabilizing that.”

The whole thing might have ended in snores if McCormick hadn’t piped up about Blagojevich.

And there you have it in a nutshell, policy bores the elite “journalists” like Dana Milbank. Nevermind that federal education policy will directly affect the lives of millions of Americans, and have a huge impact on our economic future, it’s all so boring to people who aren’t education policy wonks, i.e. people who get choice spots writing for the Washington Post or blathering on CNN all day. Much more fun to speculate about how the President-elect might be involved in a scandal in his home state that the lead prosecutor has said he has no involvment in, nor is anyone connected to him being investigated for. Now that’s good entertainment jounrnalism.


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