The Election of 2008

I have waited a while before commenting on this election because I wanted to be sure that I understood how I felt about it. I wanted to be certain that what I wrote about it would be worthy of what this election means for the United States. I am not sure that I can give the theme the importance it deserves, but I’m going to try.

We’ve turned a page.

Left behind are the self-centered decisions of the Bush years – we’ve turned the page.

Ignored are the threats of the right, the fears they played on – about terrorists, about “the atheists,” about the “evil librils,” and their allies “the Gays.” We have turned the page.

The era when Republicans could raise false image after false image about the Clinton’s (How did Vince Foster die?” “How many illegitimate children does Bill have?”) and distract the electorate from what was really important is gone – we have turned the page.

From now on we can measure our candidates by what they stand for and what they will do as President, the barrier of electing a minority has been broken.  We look at Barack Obama and see an American President, nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, electing a Democrat after the long years of Bush made this election sweet.  But the election of someone who could lead a movement, someone who could defeat political machines, someone who appears to be  a visionary, that’s what matters most.

And now, to govern.  We can put the losers behind us – they’re in the past.

We can look ahead with the hope that the promise of this campaign will be fulfilled.

We’ll see.

— writeside