The Case for Hillary

Ta-Nehisi writes:

I’m not opposed to Clinton as SoS. But I haven’t heard anyone make the case for why she’s the most qualified person for the job. Is this just about healing old wounds?

In part, I think it might be healing old wounds, but in a way isn’t that very diplomatic in its own right? From a more substantive position, I think it’s hard to ever say any one person is truly the single best person for any job. Different people are going to bring different attributes to the position, and your opinion of each prospective candidate is probably going to be formed largely based on how you value those attributes. In Clinton’s case, she’s clearly got working relationships with a lot of actors on the global stage, particularly in Europe, and she stills holds a lot of goodwill abroad from the Clinton administration. Those are attributes that are always helpful when conducting diplomatic negotiations, and the fact that she has such a high profilein her own right would be even more leverage in our favor.

I don’t know if that all makes her better than literally anyone else in the country, but it’scertainly reason enough she could make a fine Secretary in her own right.