President Barack Hussein Obama

From someone who not only supported, but was a volunteer coordinator and steering committee member for George Bush in 2004, words truly do fail at this moment. The mea culpa is complete, and America’s best days truly are not behind us. Will things improve overnight? Of course not. But this is truly a seminal moment for all of us, and for the world. The most powerful state in the world, with the most tortured history on the issue of race, has elected a black President. A post-boomer President. The 1960’s may finally be behind us. I’ve seen images from Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Jesse Jackson sobbing on national television. John McCain conceded, the crowd booed, and McCain basically told them to shut up. McCain is now talking about the importance of electing a black President, and there’s scattered applause.

Words really do fail at moments like these. God bless America.