Plugging Away With Nothing To Say

I’d say the hardest thing about maintaining a blog for an extended period of time is not only having opinions about a wide array of issues, but finding new things to talk about, and new ways to approach recurring issues, so that you’re not just saying the same thing over and over again. And I’ve really gotten the impression, especially in the last two weeks, that that’s exactly what most of us have been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I avidly read people like Steve Benen and Nate Silver, but because of that I’m increasingly getting the feeling that I’ve read this all before.

The bottom line is that there’s just nothing new to say at this point. The election is in 2 days, events are unlikely to alter the landscape much in 48 hours, and at this point it’s either allover or up to the unglamorous GOTV work. It would be nice if we could get the media to divert some attention in times like these to topics that actually have new developments, instead of obsessing over one story.

In any event, I’ll have a predictions thread tomorrow covering the Presidential race, Congressional races, and gubernatorial races around the country, and I’ll be hosting an ongoing election thread throughout the day on Tuesday over in the forums, in which I’ll pass along any information I’ve got throughout the day, and then I’ll be looking at incoming returns and exit polls in swing states Tuesday night. You’re guaranteed to get at least 50% of the results sooner here than from CNN.