Our Awful Press

Will Hillary Clinton be appointed Secretary of State? I don’t know. Would she be on the list of people considered for that post? I don’t know. Thankfully, Al Kamen is hearing “chatter,” and he conveniently writes for The Washington Post:

There’s talk, indeed, that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) now may be under consideration for the post. Her office referred any questions to the Obama transition staff; Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor declined to comment.

Got that? There’s talk. Who’s talking? Are they the sort of person who might actually be in a position to know what the Obama team is thinking in regards to the Secretary of State position? I’ve got no idea, and Al Kamen isn’t telling me. But he’s still running with it, because it’s the sort of juicy specualtion that keeps us bloggers writing about it for at least a day, and in the event that Clinton is nominated for the position, Al Kamen’s sources will look good to his bosses.

I’ll have more on the substance value of Hillary at State later, but for now I just want to point out how useless this excercise really is. Even if Hillary does get the job, I won’t be any better off because Al Kamen printed it in WaPo as a rumor. Will you? But it’s a good opportunity for Al Kamen to show off to his bosses in a win-win scenario for him, and it gives the media blogs (they really need to get rid of these atrocities) like ABC’s The Note something to chew on and turn into some sort of dramatic saga you really ought to give ABC ad revenue for keep reading The Note to “learn” about.

And here I’d hoped the end of the election might sober up a campaign drunk press.