Good Politics

Lots of people still don’t like Joe Lieberman:

Lieberman lies and lies again. And when Shelly Sindland calls him on the lying, Lieberman just lies some more. But it doesn’t matter to him, simply because he’s never had to pay any real price for the years of lies and the backstabbing. That’s just politics to Joe Lieberman. And not surprising in the slightest is the ass-kissing of Barack Obama. Expect his lips to be firmly planted there for the foreseeable future.

Now, I supported leaving Lieberman as is, and I certainly didn’t equate Obama to Bush for lobbying to that effect in the Democratic caucus, so take this for what it’s worth, but what I read in the above is exactly why it was good politics to leave Lieberman alone. In short, Lieberman is basically neutered.

Imagine, for a second, what Lieberman would have been saying if he’d have been removed from his chair, something to the effect that he was honest with the American people, that he supported the candidate he thought was best, and that the Democrats punished him for it with Obama’s blessing, probably proving Obama is as partisan as Karl Rove. And the Beltway press would have eaten it up. Instead, Lieberman is forced to say lots of nice things about Obama, to walk back his opposition from te campaign, and to generally be a good Democrat. He has no credibility to be a critic at this point, and if he tries it will be him coming out looking like an asshole.

This demonstrates that Obama and Senate Democrats have the sort of knack for thinking through the strategic consequences of decisions that have been totally absent during the past 8 years, a very encouraging sign, and is further evidence in favor of the ironic reality that visceral opposition is often born out of underlying similarities. In this case, while there’s no doubt Kos loathed the Bush administration, at the end of the day the underlying personality of Markos and Bush/Rove is one in the same.