Election Day

After 12 long years (since Election Day 1996) I look forward to enjoying, really enjoying Election Day.  In fact, because of that 12 year drought and the two debacles that took place in 2000 and 2004, tonight might just be the best Election Day of my life.

I believe that Barack Obama will be elected President, but I am going to be anxiously watching the results until the whole race is called (although I will rest more easily if Obama wins NH or surprises in Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia or Georgia).

Tonight a political generation who have no active adult memory of anything except Republican triumphalism will enter the same wilderness that I hope that I and my fellow Democrats are coming out of.  I know what it’s like to believe in principals and to have those principals rejected by the country.  I know what it’s like to witness the celebration of those who you feel are wrong, and to have a sense that somehow the final result was manipulated somehow. I know the feeling of despair that can bring, how devasting it can be when your assumptions about the world are proven to be incorrect.

I have a message for our fellow Americans who happen to be Republican as they watch the results with a mixture of anger, shock and disbelief tonight, and I say this from the bottom of my heart:

Go fuck yourselves!

You all have attempted to co-opt what it means to be an American to suit your political agenda, wrapping yourselves in the flag and attempting to portray the rest of us as evil and anti-American.

The GOP deserves to lose every election for the balance of the century for the deal they made with the devil to hold on to power.

Get back to us when you win another election — in another generation!