Bringing Teh Funneh

Well here’s a nice way to start the week. Last Thursday, Glenn Greenwald caught National Review’s “legal expert” Andy McCarthy in a rather rudimentary factual error:

One of the most significant aspects of Thursday’s judicial ruling ordering the release of 5 Guantanamo detainees is that it came from Federal District Judge Richard Leon.  Leon is an appointee of the very President whose decisions on these detainees he overrode and whose evidence he rejected as woefully inadequate — George W. Bush.  It was Leon himself who ruled in the first instance that Guantanamo detainees have no right to habeas corpus — the decision which the Supreme Court ultimately reversed in Boumediene

Before Leon was appointed by Bush to the bench, he was a long-time right-wing operative.  That such an emphatic repudiation of Bush’s arguments justifying these detentions came from this judge — appointed at the height of Bush 43’s “War on Terror” popularity and power in 2002 — underscored how unjustified the detentions were and how flimsy was the evidence on which they were based.

But readers of National Review and Andy McCarthy wouldn’t know any of this.  That’s because, when McCarthy wrote about this ruling on Thursday, and vehemently criticized it, he stated, falsely, that Judge Leon was appointed by Bush’s father, not by Bush himself

Greenwald emailed McCarthy and K-Lo, and no correction was ever made. Media Matters had a note on it this morning.

Not to fear however, McCarthy has finally been able to check his email:

Last Thursday, in a post about the ordered release of five Algerian detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, I erroneously identified the judge who issued the order, Richard Leon, as “a Bush 41 appointee.” In fact, he was appointed to the bench by the current President Bush (Bush 43). I thank the careful Corner readers who noticed the error — and I apologize for not getting to their e-mails earlier.

Did you catch that? It was “careful Corner readers” who pointed it out. It certainly wasn’t Glenn Greenwald and Media Matters prominently displaying the lack of concern for basic facts at NRO or anything.

This is why right-wing blowhards like Hannity and O’Reilly despise Media Matters so much; because MM points out and catalogues inaccuracies coming out of the right-wing noise machine, and anyone who wants to be taken semi-seriously can no longer get away with just making things up anymore. It’s been a very important step for the left, and if you can, you should really consider donating to Media Matters. It’s important work they’re doing.